Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hopper defeats Amaya

Hopper 699
Amaya 641

Clevleand Vol. Fire Dept. polling place 6:00 p.m.

Councilmen Dicky Amaya and Chris Mabry shake hands after Mabry casts his ballot at the volunteer fire department.

About 300 people have voted at the volunteer fire department in Uptown Shelby.

Councilman Dicky Amaya is here with his wife campaigning.

I voted - 5:00 p.m.

Robin Davis was voter # 8 on the day at the S. Post Road precinct.
Earl Fuller was out campaigning for Andrew Hopper.

Well I started my blogging venture by voting at my local precinct, at the county office building on S. Post road across from Cleveland Community College.

Shortly before 5 p.m., I was the fifth voter since the polls opened this morning. That's right, one vote per poll worker.

I'm off to my next stop: The Cleveland Vol. Fire Department in uptown Shelby.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Holbrook's statement about fair - 10.2.07

Below is the text of a message delivered by Cleveland County Commission vice chairman Eddie Holbrook:
I would like to congratulate the fair, it’s board and administration for the outstanding job that is being done with this year’s fair.
I would like to express my personal opinion about some statements that have been circulating around the county concerning me and my fellow commissioners.
Neither I nor any of the commissioners have discussed closing the fair. The fair situation has not even been on the agenda at any of our meetings.
I have been a regular fair attendee since I have lived in Cleveland County. I enjoy the fair and my children enjoy the fair. Statements that have been attributed to me about closing or moving the fair are completely false. I really do not mind being criticized for things I have said or done. It’s part of the territory. But I deeply resent anyone who takes statements from me and manipulates them in this manner about me.
I ran for this office with the sole intent of hoping to make a contribution to our county and improve the quality of living for our citizens. If I have made mistakes along the way I apologize.
I am employed at the community college. I can honestly say the college has never had any desire to take over or manage the fair. The college contributes the parking we have at no charge to the fairgrounds and the volunteer fire department.
I learned from my athletic days and business days that you can accomplish much more as a leader. It is my desire and the community college’s desire, as well as our board’s, to be the best team we can for this county.
We want to do nothing but assist and make the fair even better for our citizens. I sincerely ask that you give us time to prove our intentions and to assist us in squelching these rumors that are numerous, widespread and untrue.
Help us move forward in a positive growth mode that we all can be proud of.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Bulky Item Pick-up - 10.1.07

Got this notice from the City of Shelby:

The City of Shelby Sanitation Department is having the Fall Bulky Item Pick-up the week of October 15-19. Items such as: furniture, boxes, mattresses and bagged clothes will be picked up from the curbside.

The sanitation department doesn't pick up appliances, tires, building materials, paints, oils or batteries.

There will be no brush pick up during the week of solid waste pick up.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Earl Scruggs' opening act

Destination Cleveland County announced Monday that two time Grammy award winner Nashville Bluegrass Band will open for Earl Scruggs during his Coming Home concert.

The concert will be held Oct. 11 at Malcolm Brown Auditorium in Shelby.

Destination Cleveland County Executive Director Marta Holden said about 40 balcony seats are still available and can be purchased online at www.destinationclevelandcounty.org.

I'll be covering the concert so I will update you on what types of coverage (video, audio, blog) I'll be providing later this week after I talk to Earl Scruggs' people.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Burns v. Forestview 2nd Half

FINAL: Burns 20, Forestview 7

BURNS: Burns is driving at the Jaguars 14. Keron Phelps bangs in another. Kick is no good. Burns 20, Forestview 7.

Ashbrook 35, Crest 17

FORESTVIEW: Begins drive around their own 20-yard-line. Jaguars forced to punt.

BURNS: Takes over on their own 35. Keron Phelps takes it 32 yards to the Bulldogs 3-yard-line. Phelps bangs in his second TD of the game with about 7 minutes left in the game. 2pt conversion is good. Burns 14, Forestview 7 with 7:15 left.

FORESTVIEW: Begins drive at their own 44-yard-line. Jaguar's quarterback called for intentional grounding. It's now 2nd and 51 on the Jaguar's own 15-yard-line. Forestview punts.

BURNS: Begins drive at their own 26-yard-line. They go no where and are forced to punt.

FINAL SCORE: Shelby 7, Brevard 0

FORESTVIEW: Receives the ball and will begin their drive at their own 40. End of the third quarter: Forestview 7, Burns 6. Forestview punts.

BURNS: Big gain by a run from quaterback Keron Phelps takes theBulldogs inside the Jaguars 20-yard-line. Phelps goes in for the score. Kick is no good. Forestview 7, Burns 6.

FORESTVIEW: Picks up the first down on the first series of the drive. The Jaguars are continuing their drive up field and are currently in Bulldog territory. First and 10 at the 32-yard-line. Turnover on downs.

Ashbrook has extended its lead to 28-10 over Crest.

BURNS: Receives to start the 2nd half. Chris Marlow returns it to about the 45 yard line. Bulldogs pick up back-to-back first downs and find themselves on the Jaguars 25-yard-line. Burns fumbles, Forestview recovers on the Bulldogs 18.

Halftime --- Kings Mountain 7, Victory Christian 0.
Still Shelby 7-0 at end of third quarter at Brevard.
6:17 to go in the third quarter .... Ashbrook leads Crest, 21-10.

Burns v. Forestview

HALF TIME: Forestview 7, Burns 0

BURNS: Picks of the first down at the Bulldog 34 yard line. Two consecutive complete passes to #25 Aldrick Watson have Burns threatening to score with less than a minute left in the half. 1st and 10 at the Jaguar 23 yard line. Field goal attempt is no good.

FORESTVIEW: Receives the punt and takes over the ball with about 2 minutes left in the half. 4th and 7 on their 40. Time out. Jaugars punt.

Shelby goes to halftime still leading 7-0 over Brevard.
Ashbrook leads Crest at halftime, 14-10.

BURNS: Goes now where on the first series and punts.

FORESTVIEW: Pass picked by Bulldogs #21 Brandon Garvin.

BURNS: Goes nowhere on the drive and is forced to punt.

FORESTVIEW: First and goal at the 5. Jaguars picked in the end zone by Bulldogs #8 Chris Marlow.

BURNS DRIVE: Kick returned to their own 29 with about 10 minutes left in the half. Pass intercepted by Jaguars #11 Bruce Graham, his second pick of the game.

FORESTVIEW: Continues drive on the 20 yard line. Now, 1st and goal for the Jaguars. TOUCHDOWN: Jarkeevus Alexander with the rushing touchdown. The kick is good. Forestview 7, Burns 0.

END OF FIRST QUARTER: Burns 0, Forestview 0

FORESTVIEW: 1st and 10 at the Bulldogs 31 yard line.

Shelby 7-0 over Brevard, early 2nd quarter
Ashbrook 14-7 over Crest, early 2nd quarter

BURNS DRIVE: Pass picked off by Forestview's #11 Bruce Graham with about 3 minute left in the 1st.

FORESTVIEW DRIVE: The take the ball over on their own 40. The Jaguars fumble and is recoved by #20 Marcus Tuft.

BULLDOGS DRIVE: Burns starts on their own 12 and pick up the first down. Ball on the 26. On the next series, the Bulldogs were forced to punt with about 5 minutes left in the 1st quarter.

OPENING KICK OFF: Forestview receives and takes it to about mid-field. There's slowly making their way up the field. Forestview has the ball on the 11. Time out with about 8 minutes left in the quarter. 4th down and they are going for it and they got stopped in the backfield by #21 Brandon Garvin. Bulldogs take possession of the ball.

UPDATE 7:20 - It's 10 minutes before the game. I also found out it's homecoming tonight at Burns.

Well I'm in the Burns press box. It's about 45 minutes till game time so check back later for all the action here in Lawndale. I'll also be posting scores from other games as I hear them.

My football writing debut - 9.21.07

With Gabe in Mississippi covering Gardner-Webb's game against Mississippi State, I'll be covering a football game tonight.

I do have some experience with sports though. Last year I went and blogged Shelby's football teams quest for the state title. I also went with the basketball team to the championship game as well.

While in college, I was the sports editor of my paper before I came editor. So, I understand the game. The challenge will be quickly learning the players, as I don't follow high school football all that much here other than looking at the records and hoping I'll get to go to another state championship game.

Tonight, I will be at the Forestview/Burns game with The Star Car. If all goes well, I will be blogging the game while updating you on scores of other games. So check back tonight for all the action.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ask a candidate a question? - 9.19.07

It's about three weeks until Shelby's city elections. There is only one contested race: Incumbent Dicky Amaya vs. former city council member Andrew Hopper.

Incumbents Ted Alexander (mayor) and Jeanette Patterson are running uncontested. Newcomer Larry Ware is also running uncontested after Councilman Bob Still announced he won't seek another term.

I'm going to be sending all the candidates some questions to answer and would like some suggestions. So feel free to post a comment here with a question you would like answer.

Monday, September 17, 2007

O.J.'s book - 9.17.07

I went to the bookstore in Gastonia on Friday night looking for the new O.J. book. It was released Friday but for some reason the store wasn't getting it until Monday. Now that a few days have passed, the thought of buying has dwindled a bit.

Had O.J. been profiting from the book I would not purchase it for obvious reasons. But with the Goldman's getting the money, I don't feel so bad. I'm kind of interested in the book because the trial happened when I was in high school and during that time I couldn't get enough of it. I remember being in school watching the verdict come down.

Where were you when you heard the verdict? Are you planning to buy the book?

Earl fire - 9.17.07

A fire broke out at this mobile home on Thomas Drive early this morning. About 9:30 a.m., I went out there but couldn't find anyone to talk to but I did find a bunch of chickens, which you can see in the photo.